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The Diamond Approach® is a path for spiritual realization offering a way into a sphere of consciousness that we often don’t perceive as accessible. Hameed Ali (who writes under the pen name AH Almaas) birthed the teaching with co-founder Karen Johnson starting in the mid-1970s. I first joined a Diamond Approach group in 1989 (when I was in my early 30s) and have been benefiting ever since. As a committed student, I’ve found:

  • A deeply enriching way to deepen and expand my capacity for love, healing, and inner transformation
  • A coherent map of the many kinds of spiritual experiences people…


I’m aware of inhabiting two kinds of consciousness. During the pandemic, being on screen a lot more than in person, I’m calling one of these “screen consciousness”. You know that buzz in your brain from too much information? That’s screen consciousness to the max. With screen consciousness, I’m barely aware of sensation (unless my eyes start to burn from staring at data). Reductive conclusions flavor my responses to information. But with what I’ll call “alive consciousness”, I feel my body inside and out. I respond with spontaneity and wonder. …

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Family constellations helped me heal deep father and mother wounds and find peace with who my parents were, their limitations, strengths, and all. I’ve found constellations to be enormously helpful to me and others and have seen wonderful kinds of community forming in constellation circles. And so I took training and, in 2016, became a constellations facilitator myself.

Benefits of family constellations:

  • Finding answers to repeating negative patterns
  • Experiencing enhanced self-love and acceptance of what is
  • Harmonizing and deepening relationships with family, community, and nature
  • Connecting with ancestral wisdom to more fully develop our humanness
  • Being part of a supportive…

Northern Milky Way, Double Cluster, Galaxies: M31, M32, and M33. Photo by Greg Edwards

Feeling safe and easy, I was walking home along Broadway, looking up past the tall stone and cement buildings at the moon. Then I felt someone following me. I tried to ignore the feeling, to continue back to my apartment on West 110th St in Manhattan. The closer I got to my home, the more scared I was and the harder it was to pretend to be normal. I started to feel like a victim. Foolishly, I entered the building. There in the lobby, the man who had been following me lurched for my throat and I screamed.

I was…

Shin Quilt by Sharon Coates

My grandfather’s trail

Crystal clear,
Sharp and bright,
The sacred sword
Allows no opening
For evil to roost.

— Morihei Ueshiba (1883–1969), founder of Aikido, (the Way of Harmony), in The Art of Peace, translated by John Stevens

Seventy-five years ago today, Robert Oppenheimer, with my maternal grandfather, Enrico Fermi (1901–1954), and their team assembled in a remote desert south of Alamogordo, NM, USA, for a test code-named Trinity. You could say the successful detonation of Gadget, the first atomic bomb, was a key milestone on the trail my grandfather started to follow as a boy, when his love and genius for physics…

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Fear of Death

Death was a scary theme in my family. Here’s how I moved through the fear and found more connection with the afterlife than I ever could have imagined.

I loved my dad. He was a Jewish trickster who took joy in revealing the wonders of nature to everyone around him. He captivated family and friends with his enthusiasm and ingenuity. Sadly, he had a way of stretching the truth that hurt him as much as us. I was 16 when my dad died. Even though he hadn’t lived with us since I was 8, our connection was deep. When I…

Olivia Fermi, MA

Counsellor, Constellations Facilitator and teacher offering insight to individuals, families and communities.

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